Members of Creatalsoftware

Merso Aweheo ~ The creator and founder of Creatalsoftware. He started it on January 26th, 2016 and is the story writer behind everything related to Garenburg.

Pancake Fox ~ The younger brother of Merso Aweheo. He created Chicken Plains, and is a Tetris legend. He's just too good.

Exploding Tacos Games ~ The publisher for any Android applications by Creatalsoftware. They helped develop Unicode. They are a subsidiary part of Creatalsoft.

Emrys ~ The person who did all the character portraits in the Möbius Strip. Legend has it, he's still dying while playing Unicode to this day...

Turkey Thomas ~ The person who did the nifty character sprites in the Möbius Strip. He's being worshipped in a cult currently, but rumor has it he's being replaced by Keanu Reeves.

Thane ~ The person who did the tilesets and backgrounds of the Möbius Strip. He was last seen creating a Pyumuku army.