Those who worked on various projects.


Founder of Creatalsoftware. She is the lead developer for all projects and runs the social media channels. Formerly known as "Merso Aweheo."


Worked On:
All character portraits in The Möbius Strip
Ending cutscene visuals in The Möbius Transformation

More of his artwork can be found on Instagram at @EmrysGC!


Worked On:
The tileset and props in The Möbius Strip
Enemy art (Airfish, Mudhand, Deeper Batpire, Swole Vinree, HD Cosherock) in Garenburg Woods


Worked On:
All character sprites in The Möbius Strip

He is also known as/credited as Turkey Thomas.


Worked On:
Enemy art (Floweye) in Garenburg Woods


Worked On:
Enemy art (Felynch) in Garenburg Woods

Exploding Tacos Games

An old name used with publishing Unicode and the (now defunct) Android port of It Is Too Dark.

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