~Privacy Policy~

Privacy policy for games by Creatalsoftware.


The following applies for all games developed and published by Creatalsoftware Games ("we," "us," "our") unless specified otherwise.

Personal Data We Collect

We do not collect any information from you that is not provided by the services we use to host our works or media.

For example, we do not collect any financial information (example being credit card numbers, billing addresses, etc.) from anybody who purchases our games on platforms such as Steam or Itch.io, but can see some information that the platforms provide there (example being view analytics or country of origin).


We only use cookies which are necessary for this site to function.

Steam Workshop

For any games with support for the Steam Workshop (such as Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird), your display information will appear publicly. By default, when uploading a level to the workshop in Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird, the settings will be set to public for others to access. All else is standard in how the workshop functions and any other information needed is handled by a third party (Valve).


If our policies ever change, then we will be sure to let it be known. The most likely change would instead be for specific games that may have unique information that they handle that other works by us do not use. This may change at any time as we would need to adjust it to accommodate for any new projects that may do so.

Contact Us

We can be reached by contacting us at support@garenburg.com.

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