All of the many projects by Creatalsoftware.

~Garenburg Penitence~

Garenburg Penitence is an action-puzzle arcade game about matching sphere colors and exploring the collapsing psyche that destroyed the world.

With over 70 unique level maps, additional game modes, and a tragic tale spanning across seven databases, learn the story of a fragile girl and her regretful actions.

If everything has a cost, then how much would it be to make the world a better place?

Currently in development for Windows.

~Charmolypi: Ordinary Sunrises~

After a young and mysterious girl named Castranom arrives at a small hut near a lake occupied by recluse Afeil, the two begin a friendship and find solace in each other. As Castranom learns to fish at the lake, watch as the two grow closer and their own past come to light in a short little fishing game.

A short and sweet fishing game that can be completed in a small amount of time. The game was made in a little under 2 weeks.

Released on June 13th, 2023. Available for Windows.

~Garenburg Woods~

Egly is going on a trip with his friends, Elfy, Carib, Yhien, and Malik. The friends are heading over to the Garenburg Cliffs, a wonderful place that is said to be a beautiful sight.

Explore the forest and its secrets in a turn-based RPG, with over ten different bosses, dolls and puppets, multiple endings and three difficulty modes.

Released in September 29th, 2021. Available for Windows, but can be played on Android and Mac using Easy RPG Player.

~Twisted Mirror~

In a mind-bending platformer, use two sides of a screen to see platforms and enemies. Think carefully and guide the player to the portal. 

Released on June 9th, 2019. Last updated on April 19th, 2022. Available for Windows, Android, and can be played in a browser on all platforms and mobile.

~All You Need to Know~

A sequel to It Is Too Dark that was never finished, with new mechanics, overhauled effects, improved controls, and more.

Development has stopped and is unknown when it will resume, but 17 levels of it were released on May 7th, 2019 which are available for download. Available for Windows.

~The Möbius Strip~

A scientist, famous for making a sense-enhancing innovation, is recruited to work for the Silver Bed Foundation on a new project: a way to make immortality real.

A short puzzle RPG with three major acts. Puzzles are slightly different between the Windows/Mac and browser version.

Released on March 3rd, 2019. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can be played in a browser on all platforms and mobile.


A horror-puzzle RPG about exploring a city after the world had long ended.

The game is very rough, edgy, and old, and thusly not very high quality or recommended to be played.

Released on July 11th, 2017. Available for Windows.


Explore a world where everything is made of words. Spanning over 8 worlds, run and jump through an incredibly difficult platformer.

Released on June 9th, 2016. Available for Windows.

~It Is Too Dark~

The first game ever released by Creatalsoftware. 

Travel through a dark land with only a flashlight, and use your mouse to drag a light around to see through the darkness.

Released on January 26th, 2016. Available for Windows. An Android port was made, named The Shadow of Lucifer, but is no longer available for download.

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