Projects and Games

It Is Too Dark (2016) ~ Platformer. Use a light to navigate darkness. IndieDB Page

Unicode (2016) ~ Platformer. Explore a world where everything is made of words. Very rage inducing. IndieDB Page ~ Gamejolt Page

Limp (2017) ~ Horror RPG Puzzle. Navigate a ruined city after the world has ended. IndieDB Page ~ Gamejolt Page

Chicken Plains (2017) ~ Exploration RPG. An action packed game about a chicken and his epic quest to defeat the Cockatrice. Gamejolt Page

Clipcloak (Cancelled, 2018) ~ Webseries. About a couple of people who wake up in the bodies of dolls.

Garenburg (Ongoing, Began 2018) ~ Novellas. More info at

The Möbius Strip (2019) ~ Puzzle RPG. A scientist, famous for making a sense-enhancing innovation, is recruited to work for the Silver Bed Foundation on a new project: a way to make immortality real. HTML Edition ~ Windows/Mac/Linux Edition (Google Drive) ~ IndieDB Page ~ Gamejolt Page

Twisted Mirror (2019) ~ Platformer. Use two sides of a screen to see platformers and enemies and guide the player to the portal. Google Play (Android) ~ HTML Edition ~ Windows Edition (Google Drive) ~ IndieDB Page ~ Gamejolt Page

Garenburg Woods (Soon) ~ Adventure RPG. Travel with Egly and friends through Garenburg Woods so that everybody can see the marvelous Spike Cliffs. Official Website ~ Steam Link ~ IndieDB Page ~ Gamejolt Page

All You Need to Know (Soon, Original Seventeen Levels Available) ~ Sequel/Remake of It is Too Dark. Platformer. Use a light to navigate darkness. Currently being revamped and worked on with a bigger team. Windows Original Seventeen (Google Drive) ~ IndieDB Page